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Cleaner Quest #4

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Your name? <span class="mu-s">Nicole Smith.</span> Occupation? <span class="mu-s">Cleaner</span>, a deniable asset used by massive megacorporations called the <span class="mu-s">Alphabet Companies</span> and anyone else willing to pay you to do a job for them. Such as your <span class="mu-s">Handler</span>, the person giving you the jobs and making sure you can feed yourself at the end of the day.

Which is good. Since not a lot of jobs are willing to hire a schizophrenic woman with anomalous abilities and four voices constantly screaming in her head. You make do, however. After all, how else are you going to survive in the <span class="mu-s">City</span>? You either find a job and do what you need to in order to survive or you die in the endless, twisting streets of the biggest <span class="mu-s">City</span> humanity has ever built (or may ever build).

The last few missions you've been on have been wild but manageable so far. You first managed to rectify a payment oversight with a casino your Handler was sponsoring without having to kill anyone or rob the place blind. In the process, you manage to make friends with two of their employees and managed to save the business from the owner's sheer incompetence in running a casino.

You also managed to kill a Silver Agent and stopped a Cleaner named Ashton from hunting you by calling off the bounty on you. While Ashton may still be a threat later, you managed to get some interesting information out of the fed and the man in the TV who speaks to you. Yes, you talk to your TV, he gives you valuable information. Don't question it.

You're almost finished with your latest mission, which is helping X-Corp (a militaristic Alphabet Company assigned with protecting the City from outside threats) get new recruits. After interrogating a Silver Agent they had locked and finding out their main issue with training recruits, you went through a hellish course with Kiara and bonded as allies in the process.

Now, you're busy showing off your anomalous powers by going through the mental training course. All in all, your life has been busy as hell and you're ready for it to all wind down for a moment. Though, is that possible? Or will it be endless jobs until you're crushed under the weight of the Powers that Be in this City?

One day. You'll get what you want. Somewhere safe with your friends. Nobody to hunt you down. No horrible jobs to grind you into the dirt. No need to consume copious drugs and stitch your body back together just to keep your mind and body half way stable. Someday.

Perhaps one day, you'll be a shining Star of the City that people will revere and respect. But for now? You're just Nicole.

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