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Void Raider Quest 5

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In the last thread we uncovered a major malicitite smuggling operation on our ship, eliminated virtually everyone involved, as well as earned the (begrudging) respect of our executive officers, with one of whom we are currently playing go.

<span class="mu-b">Ship: Heavy cruiser LDS Vanilla Skyline, Courageous-class</span>
Captain: Commander Sylvia Thorton (yourself)
Crew: mostly undisciplined, enthusiastic
Engine: 88% efficiency (damaged nacelles, undergoing repairs, ETA 13 days)
Railgun Turret A-1: 81% efficiency (broken shell elevator, undergoing repairs, ETA 8 days)
All other systems operating at 100% efficiency. (undergoing maintenance, ETA 18 days)
Current Position: Hys base ‘Granite-Vigil’, Citar Quadrant outskirts

<span class="mu-b">Ship: Patrol destroyer LDS Chocolate Rain, Jaguar-class</span>
Captain: Lieutenant Commander Maxine Hopkins (Directorate Navy)
All systems operating at 100% efficiency
Current position: Patrolling Kaskandir Quadrant (on lease to Directorate Navy, 11 months left)

<span class="mu-b">Traits</span>
Genetically pure: +5 bonus to charisma
Former freelance journalist: +2 bonus to charisma, bonus to Political Economy

<span class="mu-b">Personal abilities</span>
<span class="mu-r">Format: current status, growth rate (bonus to rolls)</span>
Logistics: Basic, capable (+0)
Human Resources: Average, capable (+3)
Political Economy: Basic, gifted (+0)
Combat Tactics: Greenhorn, average (+2)

<span class="mu-b">War Report</span>
Current Liteian Navy readiness status: orange
Latest news:
>Latest Navy acquisitions confirmed: a pair of ‘cutting-edge’ Saturnian light cruisers.
>Saret dignitary issued official statement, ‘No malicious intent behind mobilisation, merely annual practice.’
>High-level talks between Bolivarians and Saudite concluded, memorandum for peace and friendship signed.
>Human smuggling? Kanton Orbital under fire for irregularities in colonist vetting process.
>What's to watch: Blockbuster on Meret freedom-fighters to hit the box office next week.