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Your whole life, people have called you a "downer". You're no fun at parties, you don't have any friends, you like to bring up morbid topics in conversation, and you have a generally gloomy mood about you. The reason for this is because since you were a child, you've known the exact date you and everyone you love, are going to die. Why, you do not know, but it's true. You know, and it's haunted you. You wish you didn't, you really do, but it can't be helped.
Your name is Fido Ballthrow. You're a college dropout, a failed musician, and a disappointment to your family. You have very few friends, you have no job, and you only have, from this moment on, five days to live.
You knew today was the day it all begins last night, and in an anxious frenzy locked yourself in your closet with all the essentials. Tissues, a gun, blankets, and a pillow. In a rage, you punched a bunch of holes in your wall, because of course, you did.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. What will you do?

DAY TIMER: 24:00:00

>Punch more holes in the wall (3 minutes)
>Go make breakfast (30 minutes)
>Cry (2-60 minutes
>Take the easy way out (End Quest)
>Call someone (2-100 minutes)
>Do something else (Time Depends)