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The 2nd Primarch Quest 35

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You are the second primarch, Lieren of Nothing, Grand Architect of Long-jia and head of its ministry of development, great hunter of the wild and keeper of a forgotten method of bow stringing as well as a fragment of a greater plan yet, austere and much respected philosopher and creator of The Journey whose lessons and teachings have become widespread, Slayer of spirits and tyrants foul, Brother of great men by blood and oath, and soon to be groom of the ancient soul Kanzeon.

And presently, four brothers you had not been aware existed, belonging to a brotherhood known as the legio custodes, are scrutinizing you and putting you in their eyes, measuring your worth. For various reasons, each of the four has deep suspicions about you and have approached you rather rudely on this the day of your wedding and with just the first words exchanged between them and you, they have given you a test. A challenge of character and personality, knowing you abhor chaos, they mentioned the quality of your eyes one of those discordant powers granted you as well as the cursed brand atop your brow that even now thins the boundaries between this world and the wild realm of spirits and dreams. An attempt to rouse and fan the flames of your anger by injuring the pride of a humble man, though the venom in their voice is not an act and you would not need to golden sheen of your eyes to be aware of that.

"Fickle?" You ask, allowing a twinge of amusement to color your tone though not so much as to make your words sound impolite or offended, maintaining a veneer of property and courtesy despite the hostility electrifying the air between you and your gold clad elder brothers "No, efficient. Maybe a touch mischievous at times, but never fickle. I always have a goal in mind to pursue"

"And what is the current goal driving your forward, secondborn?" A different custodes, who accent differs but sounds familiar to your ears, he must have originated from an area close to Sheowl on Terra.

"And efficiency can be blinding, shortcuts and clearer paths can lead easily to disaster" another, with the intonation and airs of a highborn scion "Or doom"

"That depends, are we speaking long or short term. Of course I am prepared to rejoin our father's stellar reunification campaign, but there is much I must to do and am currently capable of doing here upon mist hidden Shangrala and just outside of its atmosphere, though I don't believe interplanar colonization projects count as short term" You continue warmly, openly sharing your plans before a traitorous smirk tugs at the corner of your lips despite your effort to maintain a relaxed and disarming expression "Though, then, long term could be considered finding a way to reduce the discordant powers and oust them entirely from the worlds of mankind, but that is...a distant thing, and one formed entirely of hope, I will admit"