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<span class="mu-s">IN A WORLD</span> ruled by ruthless corporations and full of decay and loneliness, where people turn to violence for entertainment, <span class="mu-s">ONE MAN</span> rose above the system to become the <span class="mu-s">NUMBER ONE ASSASSIN of the legendary the United Assassins Association</span> but then... He vanished. He's been a legend on his own since then, but his story has since faded into the underground...

...Now that the Hollywood pitch is out of the way, let's get to the meat of it.
The place is the seaside city of <span class="mu-b">Santa Destroy</span>, life isn't much different than you'd expect... And so you exit your shitty motel room and hop into a taxi. Not the best way to travel, but it should give you some time to rest before you jump head first into that assignment you've been given... You are not sure why, but somehow, you foolishly choose to believe that you may stand a chance here... After all, you've seen this kind of shit in movies and anime, so that means you have some knowledge of what to expect! Of course, that feeling doesn't override the intrusive voices in your head reminding you that you will be putting your life on the line here...
Your name is <span class="mu-s">Lynn Lionhunt</span>, a 30-ish year old unemployed womanchild, and you've made a <span class="mu-i">terrible</span> mistake.
For reasons that you have no time to think about right now, you have unexpectedly become the 10th Ranked Assassin of the UAA, and your battle is on today. You cannot forfeit. You cannot run away. You must kill your target or be killed by them. And so, here you are...

Well, better get to it. As the elevator stops and the door opens on the 51th floor with a friendly *ding!*, you notice that there are at least 20 guys in suits waiting for you... Each with a katana in hand. Simply asking them to let you through is... Simply not the way this game works.
Thankfully, and almost as if it was the work of fate, you purchased one of those fancy <span class="mu-s">Beam Weapons</span> with the last of your life savings during one of your characteristic serious lapses of judgement and common sense. But now, against your best judgement once again. You must use it.

But... <span class="mu-s">Which weapon did you buy? Choose wisely, as you cannot change your type of weapon later.</span> UAA bullshit. Regardless of your choice, you get the feeling that you'll have to recharge them in an oddly sexually suggestive manner for some reason...

>"Beam Claws: Kitty Paw Slicer", a pair of gauntlets with 3 sharp claws capable of cutting through even metal. A more brawler type option, fast and direct but with a very short range.
>"Beam Lance: Justice Piercer", a big metal stick with an energy blade at the end. Will let you use those untapped athletic skills and attack from afar, but you might get tired easily.
>"Beam Blade: Lettuce Chopper", a more traditional beam weapon, sorta like the beam katana but more... European. Balanced, but a bit heavy. The safest option.

Once the weapon is decided, you will be ready to go.
This is your quest to become <span class="mu-s">Number 1.</span>