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Buried Derelict

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Hemya was digging a hole moments ago.
She feels like she just fell of a tree, hitting every branch on the way down.
Except that it was a mess of thick cables that slowed her fall, instead of the limbs of a tree.
It was quite the drop, she is lucky that she got away with just some bumps and bruises instead of a broken leg.

Sitting on the pile of dirt that that came along on her journey down she looked around.
A mostly metallic room, except for the ceiling, which appears to be covered in some kind of construction foam.
The Hemya-shaped hole in the foam ceiling lets in enough light for her to see some rickety scaffolding along with some broken machinery, vents and one dark doorway.

There is nothing here that could help Hemya get back out, the ceiling is just too high.
She will have to explore this strange, buried structure with just the two things that she carried on her person.

>1. Pocketknife
>2. Flashlight
>3. Canteen
>4. "Pocket-shotgun"
>5. Lighter
[Choose two]