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Onion Adventures

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You are an Onyun and you have a big problem. You are a Z-rank monster and you are sapient! With the exception of Roundmen, Z-rank monsters aren't supposed to be sapient!

Normally, one would think that achieving sapience is a good thing, but not for Z-rank monsters! After all, sapience means you can experience fear.

However, worry not, for you have the natural abilities of an Onyun!

Your first skill, Photosynthesize allows you to recover HP and Sulfur.

Your second skill, Sulfurous Breath, consumes Sulfur and lets it out in a stinky belch, causing your target to flinch!

What do you, an Onyun do first?
> Explore the French Toast fields
> Go pick on other Onyuns
> Explore the creepy caves

I'm on my yearly vacation so it's time for my yearly one-shot quest.