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Bretonnian Peasant Knight Quest 3

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The Peasant has become a Knight! Lucian the Durand, Heir of Ruin, had not only proven himself worthy of nobility during the Kidnapping of Sir Osmond but was a participant of killing the Black Orc Warboss who fought against the Allied forces in Bastonne’s valleys.

Now trained in both war and civility, the Knight Errant embarks upon his journey.

++The Rules++
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For the update schedule expect to be semi-daily with the chance I disappear for a week. If something comes up for myself I am placing that before this quest, so that should be kept in mind.

Dramatis Personae

>Morr’s Company
Lucian the Durand Knight Errant
Adok Fireskin Runesmith

>Duchy of Bordeleaux
Duke Moriset; Knight of the Realm Duke of Bordeleaux and Regent of Aquitaine
Ducal Prince Gillot; Knight Errant Heir to Bordeleaux
Luquin; Knight of the Realm Court Herald
Robinet; Knight of the Realm Warden
Emelina of Carlton Niece to Duke Moriset

>Duchy of Aquitaine
Albera the Golden; Damsel of the Lady; Priestess of the First Chapel
Sir Galandril Grail Knight Warden of the First Chapel and Twin Slayer