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Westeros: Interregnum

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It is the year 404 AC and Westeros lies a broken land, ravaged by war, sickness and ambition for the vacant Iron throne, from the ancient Wall to the evergreen Rhoynar all lay claim to the Iron throne or those older kingships of the age of Kings, it is a time of chaos as the continent faces an uncertain future as the only authority recognised by all is the sword in such a times a man can be anything he wishes, lowborn or high, rich and poor, he is only limited by the ebb and flow of fate and the reach and grasp of his ambitions.

But he makes what he does of it and only the gods know where he ends....
<span class="mu-s">A man never comes from nowhere and must come from somewhere, where do you hail?</span>

>The Riverlands, a war-weary place of winding rivers and marshes forever divided and feuding with as much themselves as any trespasser.
>The Reach, ruled by the green Kings and a realm of golden fields and green orchids, a place of bounty and peace if it was not beset by enemies on all sides.
>The Westerlands, home to the lion kings of Lannister and a place of rolling hills and rich mountains, here blood flows as richly as gold.
>The Vale, a place everdistant and fickle in its concerns, with fertile valleys and rich mountains untouched by much of the warring that besets Westeros but not all.
>The North, a frozen and cold land of many gods and many peoples, only wolves can rule such a savage and uncivilized realm.
>The Stormlands, a place of stoney shores and black forests dotted with Innumerable castles, they know no king but the true king who died a hundred years ago.
>The Iron Islands, a Bleak and barren land of reefs and islands, a man is as much a pirate as he is a trader here and the olds ways like their dead god refuse to die easily.
>The crownlands, a land without a king and ruined by strife and disaster, this once rich place is a shell of its former glory much like the old city it surrounds.
>Dorne, the Sunsoaked nest of sand and snakes, as foreign to westeros as the lands across the narrow sea, it is here the Dragon was born again.
Welcome to Westeros:Interregnum a quest set nearly a 100 years after the books, For those of you familiar with Forgotten QM's sworn to Valor quest, I will be adopting the rules for this game, I am to update roughly once a day or so but we'll see how things go.