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Jail Quest: a text adventure occasionally illustrated.

A night of drinking and a failed attempt to cheat on cards had landed you the strangest job slash community service sentence you've ever had: ensuring Gongalla Gaol survives the reality storm called Singularity.
Now you travel around with your employer and a handpicked crew to survey the four Reality Anchors. Hey, beats being tarred and feathered, right?

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You are Rosa Montagni, and you've just met the deity holding the Southern Reality Anchor. Turns out she longs for stories of the outside world, so you've recounted your journey so far - from the time you got recruited in New Avalon, up until climbing the rungs of The Crack. Then, in return, you heard a story about grandpa Gobson that you've never heard of - and also a chartered autowagon ride to your next destination: the Northern Reality Anchor. Oh, and you bought Craig a grimoire too.