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World of Darkness: Chicago Quest

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Hello, my dear friend! Welcome to your life!

"Cool!, now I can be an awesome supernatural being in this world of darkness(TM)? I wanna be a vampire because I loved Bloodlines when I was younger."

No, no, no, my dear friend! Calm down! Yes, we all loved Bloodlines (now go reinstall it. You know the rules), but this world takes us to many paths. You see, in the end it's all in your capable, handsome and strong hands. You will be the one to decide your fate: This first part of your journey is just you and me in our human and weak skins. After that? Well... Something is going to happen and the doors are going to show your final path!

"But what if I die?"

There are only two paths for those who die here: A sad, sad Wraith or your body becomes the host of a Demon. And let me tell you: Both aren't good choices. So, please my dear friend, try not to die, okay?

"But... I like Wraith... And I never played Demon before..."

Then try to die when the choice is there for you! Now first things first: Let me talk about yourself a little bit.

Your name is Ryan Moore, around your 30s and a happy queer homosexual man! (or bisexual I don't how you kids define those labels these days) You had a nice life and even went to a decent university, thanks to your mother's saving. At least that she left you. You remember one night, around your pre-teen years seeing your father drunk saying "That selfish whore left us 'cause she couldn't 'delay anymore her higher callings'. What the hell is more important than me and you?!" You never knew her, only having a few pictures of her breastfeeding and holding you. She was probably around her mid 20s at the time.

But as the time went by, you realized getting a diploma after 2000s was an illusion and you couldn't find a job at your area of study. You ended up working remotely for a Tabloid located in Gary, Indiana. Your boss is a hardline italian woman, but gentle and well-educated under the skin. She even donates regularly to elemetary schools! As a bonus, she doesn't bug you so much into travelling regularly to Gary, but when she calls, you drop everything and go as fast as you can. It's not the best job, but she does everything according to the law: Regular pay, good benefits, provides you a laptop and fast internet to work... You don't even have courage to ask for a raise!