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Mega Mercs Skirm/Quest: NODR Liberation Campaign 2

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“It’s been 28 years since the Satellite War plunged the world into chaos. The great institution that was the International Forum is dead, and with it all dreams of peace and global solidarity. The Bi-Frost satellite network that once enabled large scale global communications lies shattered. The resulting orbital debris field has halted any plans of expansion into space.”

“Now surviving nations leverage their remaining industry to fortify their fragile borders, petty warlords squabble over wastelands scarred by kinetic bombardment, the remnants of the IF’s elite peacekeepers haunt the battlefields like vengeful spirits, and over it all looms the threat of Neromius; empowered by a new generation of genetically engineered mega-cavalry and unrestricted by the sanctions of the IF; the rider-chiefs of its disparate tribes and city states sally forth into the broken world in search of spoils and glory.”


The Neromian Warlord; Doruk Demir and his Iron Tide have made landfall on western side of the N.O.D.R, dragging the Miner’s Republic into a war they are ill suited to fight. The entire western region of the country would have fallen overnight if it weren’t for a plucky band of mercenaries in the right place at the wrong time…