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Dragon Ball: Legacy #7

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Long ago, on a planet called Earth, the greatest martial artist of his time managed the impossible and averted two cataclysmic prophecies that would have devastated the world. Though the world still bears some of the scars of King Piccolo's brief rampage, the future looks bright...but how long will this hard-won peace last?

>What is this?
This is a story following the adventures of a man on Earth from pre-dragonball times, where we assume the role of a character inserted into Age 440 at only ten years old - when even characters like Roshi and Shen were foolish youths. It is currently Age 460, and you've grown quite a bit.

>How does this work?
Just roll the dice I call for, simple as. Rolling a 1 will be a critical failure, and getting the highest possible result on any given dice will be a crit. Some rolls won't have crits enabled, and I'll say as much if that's the case.

>Who are we playing?
Wyald Honta, a hybrid of Human and Tiger-beastman who set out to explore the world in order to sate the call of his blood. Normally with his hybrid nature, he would age quicker than humans yet slower than other beastmen, but he has managed to sidestep this issue thanks to ingesting Paradise Herbs. He has a strong moral compass, a polite and friendly demeanour, but an unforgiving side when it comes to those who commit evil. He's slowly evolving his own fighting style with every master he trains under, and he almost always journeys with his three friends: Azalea, Barbar, and Harum.

>Last time on Dragon Ball: Legacy
You went deep-sea diving to acquire some legendary meteoric ore infused with the barest wisps of a god's energy, visited Papaya Island and met up with your old friend Tento Mushi after years apart, fished up and fought the Sea Dragon living under the ocean near the island, learned the Dragon's ultimate technique, learned a bit about some strange happenings revolving around an ancient statue on the island, revisited Teal Castle to get Ahl Demann's expert opinion, and sought out the demon hunter you know as Dude alongside the Great Wizard Ife to form a dedicated research team to try to crack the mystery of the statue and understand any curses that may be on it. Oh, and how could you forget your enthusiastic smapling of Central City's finest cuisine on one fine evening? It may have been interrupted by stopping a certain cyborg pirate and trying to talk some sense into him, but it didn't mar an otherwise great night out.

>Character Sheet