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Valen Quest 85

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The lamplit city sped past her as she ran. Crisp night air burned in her lungs with every hurried step. Running from Resuri's guards wasn't a part of her job most days, but being caught in a surprise raid during a product hand-off was a hard sell. Even more so when no amount of feigning innocence would have let her walk out of there with the pale skinned girl currently trailing behind her as she scanned the city streets for a hole to disappear down.

Olivia swore she'd exercise once this was all over. Another empty promise she had no intention of keeping, but it was an easier sell than the times she'd sworn to do community service, or volunteer at the Shrine, if she made it through something.

"This way, this way!" She tugged her product along behind her, a classification she pointedly reminded herself of each time her heart jumped for reasons unrelated to flight. The flower haired thing kept pace effortlessly, her placid expression shifting from a passing crowd back towards Olivia's own as they moved. A smile bloomed beautifully across her pale face, and for a single unforgettable moment her eyes practically glowed.

Her already labored breathing hitched involuntarily, the final straw in her flagging stamina, and she ran straight into a wastebin.

The slave scout fell hard. Reflexively trying to catch herself on the bin just slipped her wrist beneath the rim as she rolled, snapping something beneath the flesh in the process. A panicked yelp accompanied the tears stinging in her eyes as she moved her now definitely broken wrist.

"You okay, 'Vi?" An unwelcome voice, but far from the least welcome thing she could have heard. "Come on, up you go."

Johnathan lifted her from the ground insensitively, only just barely avoiding making her wrist worse by hauling her up by the forearm instead. Still hurt like a bitch. "Don't fucking call me that." Olivia hissed, "Where did you come from?!"

"Took a shortcut when the raid came down." His eyes flickered once towards the product before settling back on her with an intense focus. "Guards have most of the ways out cut off, where are we going?"

"'We'?" Olivia repeated incredulously.

"Yes, 'we'." He returned mulishly. "Now's not the time, Vi'! If we don't get moving now, all three of us are going to jail tonight!"

Olivia tried and failed to shake the man's grip on her arm, gritting her teeth through the pain. A deep red stain colored his trousers, something she was responsible for. Seeing it... Her irritation with the man dimmed. The product waited patiently just beyond the man's shoulder, watching their interaction with an unalarmed interest.

"...Fine. If we can make it to the waterway we'll be in the clear."

"What in Gnome's tits are we 'sposed to do after going in <span class="mu-i">there?</span>" Johnathan recoiled. "Wait out the night 'fore springing?"