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Cement Stratosphere Quest

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Your name is <span class="mu-s">Max Montagu</span> and you live on <span class="mu-s">Level 5</span>. Most people live in the industrial sector of <span class="mu-s">Panopolis</span> after all, it's the biggest part of the city. Currently, you are in the <span class="mu-i">DeliDiner</span>, your favorite restaurant chain of reprocessed footstuffs. The RedMeat Sandwiches here are the best and taste the most fresh, so you love to spend afternoons just relaxing.

Currently? You're obsessed with the <span class="mu-i">Heroes Franchise</span>- The multimedia collections of stories of larger then life characters. There's Alisa the Huntress- hunting down soldiers from an evil kingdom with nothing but a bow and arrow after her tribe was burned and raided. Or Baron the Shield- a sci-fi world with feral insectoid monsters who are immune to laser weapons and stronger then any man- and so Baron took up a shield and hammer to fight them back. Or the tales of Peter Vance, the Healer, who tragically contracts a magic plague even as he battles it to save other people from it...

These Heroes aren't real, but their stories and tales inspire you. You've seen films and played games featuring them, and like roleplaying games. You even make your own paper crafts and cosplay- though you're a bit limited on what you can get from the UpCycling Stations found around Level 5. You did get this nice pair of scissors though- still sharp- and have been using it to cut up some paper and make origami for your solo-roleplaying session here at the diner.

<span class="mu-b">“Excuse me, Tyler is that- oh, I'm sorry.”</span>