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Cleaner Quest #3

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Sadly, you are still <span class="mu-s">Nicole Smith</span>, a woman with various anomalous abilities and a warped mind that constantly screams at you with four distinct voices. Though, this doesn't hamper your ability to be a <span class="mu-s">Cleaner</span> too much. As long as you do the job your Handler assigns you, you'll find some way to cope with your life inside the <span class="mu-s">City.</span>

The last few days for you have been hectic. You managed to completely wipe out a gang through the power of stolen chemical weapons and helped your Handler deal with an old family grudge. However, you might've attracted attention from K-Corp for illegally using their chemical weapons. You might have to keep an eye out for any corporate agents looking out for you.

After that, you helped an old director by the name of Gregory Krakatoa gather footage around the abandoned town of Avalon in District 1. You managed to piece together his true reason for being there and assisted him in facing his failures when it came to his past. You acquired a <span class="mu-s">PARADIGM</span> afterwards, a unique piece of anomalous equipment with untold power, and favor from his powerful family.

Now? You're trying your best to avoid getting murderer by another Cleaner named Ashton who, for whatever reason, wants you dead. You still have a job to do despite this. You are heading to deal with a Casino that your Handler has associated with to deal with some money problems. A lot on your plate to handle at once.

Ultimately, what is all of this stress for? It used to be about the money and to a part of you, it still is. Yet a deep and foolish part of you simply wants to be safe enough to retire and start a family. Whether it be a found family or something else.

That is, if you can survive long enough to reach there. Cleaners aren't exactly well known for having long lifespans in their field. The only thing you can do is push forward for now. Good luck.

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