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Do Your Best Quest #168

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Last time, you helped your band record their first single ‘Together’, then you got two new idols for your agency by winning a card game. This is how serious businesses are dealt. Yeah, you have to work out the details for the agency, but the most important bit is the talent, right?

Regardless, one of your newest acquisitions has shown some little pesky concerns about your acquisitions, but she wants this to work out! Not because she doesn’t have any other option that wouldn’t leave her career stuck for a while, but because she’s a worry rat. A silly worry rat. You already know one very intimately so you can deal with another pumpkin-shaped one.

“And to show you how committed I am to making this work, allow me to introduce myself, my name is <span class="mu-s">Joy Joyce</span>, please, take care of me.” Punk-P really wants to teach you the ways of being a good manager for the sake of her life’s work.

<span class="mu-s">How do you respond?</span>

>“I have to do something after this, I’ll call you when I’m free, okay?” You already spent a lot of time on Idol stuff for the day.
>“Why don’t you grab a Cup of Coffee, go back home, sleep on this for the night, relax, and tell me how you feel tomorrow, okay? Here, my treat.” Hand Punk-P a couple of GorDollars.
>“Training? I don’t need training. I need an office first.” You need to work on the Agency proper.
>“Sorry, sweetheart, today is Bluesberries day. We’ll talk about this another day, okay?” Pat Pumpkin Pie’s head to soothe her down, that usually works, right?
>“Sorry, you can’t be Joy Joyce, I already know a Double J and this will make things confusing.” You have to be abundantly clear that she’s either Joy or Joyce, not both.
>Write In.