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The Isekai Inquisition

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The <span class="mu-s">Unified Kingdom of Lindan</span> has stood for centuries and has faced both catastrophes and miracles during its long history. Yet, a constant threat has lived in the populace's heart throughout it all. From kings to peasants time has proven that no one is safe from the whims of these enigmatic beings. In ages past they had many names, some called them Demons or Devils while others referred to them as Otherworlders, but today they are simply known as <span class="mu-s">Strangers</span>.

Hailing from an alternate dimension known as <span class="mu-s">Earth</span> the strangers always possess some form of outrageous ability they refer to as a <span class="mu-s">Cheat Skill</span> and with it they cause unimaginable cruelty. To combat the threats the Strangers pose the <span class="mu-s">Crown</span> sought the aid of the <span class="mu-s">Church of the Goddess</span> by inviting a Holy Order known as the <span class="mu-s">Inquisition</span> into the kingdom. The members of which are tasked with disposing of the Strangers, sometimes even banishing them back to their world of evil.

You are <span class="mu-s">Lorina de Lindan</span>, princess of Lindan, and currently third in line to the throne behind your elder brother and his daughter. You’ve recently been expelled from the Royal Mageknight Academy despite being both the top of your class and the student council president. All because you lost an honor duel to the peasant scholarship student <span class="mu-s">Anastasia Lyndale</span> for attempting to seduce your fiancé <span class="mu-s">Albrecht Von Herrman</span> away even if it meant severing the bonds between your two kingdoms. You were not expecting the prince himself to fight as the commoner's champion and for yourself to be left devoid of allies.

Due to this disgrace, you need to regain your lost pride by using your abilities to fulfill a greater purpose than trying to win an academy love triangle. As such you’ve made arrangements to join the Inquisition and bring justice to those who would do your kingdom ill. At least it’s a better plan than joining the army and being sent on a crusade to the Demon Wastes.