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Warhammer 40k: Baneblade Commander

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[Trait: The faithful]
[There will be special dialogue available when regarding the Cult Imperialis. Your interaction with the members of the Ecclesiarchy is more favorable.]

You are Basillica “Vasily” Hagia, the lieutenant of the Baneblade squad and a proud Vostroyan Firstborn of the 625th Armored Division, 74th Company, Squad 20, squad call sign “Flowing Don.” You and your crew arrived at Terrasque, a hive thought to be taken over by heretics and traitors of the Imperium. What you found instead were gene stealers. During the fierce battle the Order of The Argent Shroud reinforced then pushed out the ambush.

In the rubbles of the hive, you ordered your cousin-comrades to get some more supplies, be it lasgun packs, water or food. There was another issue, Flowing Don only had a dozen shells left. Seven regular shells, two smoke shells, and three custer shells. Other guardsmen began to recover any bodies or weapons, you were sitting on the rubbles inside the cathedral.


Rivale Prokofiev was the youngest member of your crew,he still had his blue eyesand with messier hair. Rivale carefully stepped over the rubbles and xenos corpses.

“What is it, Rivale?”

“We got the supplies… well as much as we could and some ration packs. Let’s go and eat.”

“Sounds good.”

The courtyard was vast, slick with oil and grimes like many hives had. Tall metal buildings intertwined one another, pipes crawled and spread out like a web. The sun barely poked through the grey smog, giving it a dim light that gave enough to see, but not enough to see far. You walk to your cousins, your crew, your brothers, sitting in a small circle.

“There you are. Come, let’s eat.”

>Eat with your brothers
>Speak with whoever is in charge of the infantry first
>Speak with the sister of the Argent Shroud, you got some words with them