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The 2nd Primarch Quest 34

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You are Lieren of Nothing, a man of many aspects and roles. Farmer, hunter, architect, rebel, general, scholar. philosopher, student, teacher, enemy of the wicked, Primarch and son of the Emperor of mankind and soon you shall also be groom and husband. Having arranged for your known kinsmen, brothers lost and father distant, to converge for a time upon Shangrala as guests for that most joyous of days, you greeted and welcomed Magnus and Perturabo most gregariously and grandly, with ceremony and pomp reserved for great men such as them. Presently, Perturabo is giving his unabridged and honest criticism to those amongst your ministry of developments engineering and architectural corps and branches, which translates into a scathing judement of their capabilities that might drive lesser willed men to suicide. And Magnus is meditating near by, while he along with Amon, his friend and once mentor, and Wenyan, your adoptive father, watch Perturabo's adoptive sister, the bright Calliphone.

Reaching out to your red hided brother, you do not even need to brush his mind to sense the turmoil it is rife with. He had bitten into the mere mention of "angels" and has been pondering how to approach you or Farmin to here the truth of the matter, as the last time you and he encounter Warp entities together, a life or death struggle began, your fiercest battle and closest brush with death. One that taught him of the dangers the denizens of the great sea can represent. But, while he all but knows the truth of the discordant powers ever plotting the downfall of man kind, he was not trusted with keeping the secret that weighs heavily upon your mind. And you would not so easily break the oath of secrecy you made, even if at times necessity has forced you to straddle the line of doing so. Until your father has given his word, you will not betray his trust, even if you are certain Magnus would be as stalwart an enemy against the dark powers as you or Elazar has proven to be.

'The matter that troubles you, of the reference to the slaying of a being dubbed an angel by misguided and twisted minded psykers during my introduction of the valiant pilots of the steel giants, is one we shall discuss when we are able to hold a truly private conversation with our sire' you wind whisper into his mental ear as you watch Perturabo point out fault after folly after miss measurement by the merest of estimation 'For it is a matter that concerns him as well, the fall of the Shuni Caliphate is something you and Him should be aware of. As well as the ruination that was wrought upon it by itself in its final death throws, but, I cannot say more, for my tongue is bound by promises made'