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Jacob’s Ladder Quest

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One moment, you were sound asleep. Probably dreaming of something that could not or would not happen in reality. Something esoteric and obscure. It could be anything and everything, as that is how dreams work. What was being broadcasted inside of your mind is of no importance at the current moment because at some time during your slumber you passed away. Died. Your heart had stopped beating and your chest had rose and had fallen for a final time. A fate that meets all living creatures, both young and old. At least your life ended painlessly and without any suffering, right? The same cannot be said for most other mortals whose flames have been snuffed out. The world of the living is behind you now. Whatever responsibilities, unfinished business, prospects, goals, or relationships you had are left behind. Now it is just you, standing in the middle of a small yet indescribably long pathway of dirt. You cannot see where it leads, as your eyes travel up ahead until the view forward becomes shrouded by clouds. All around you and the pathway leading up to nowhere is a sea of grass, beautiful white flowers sprinkled about in that green sea. A blue sign points forward, a language you cannot read being written on the side of it. The only symbol you can decipher aside from that arrow is a picture of a tree providing shade for a humble sitting bench. With nowhere else to go and nothing else to do, the only choice is to begin marching up the trail and see what awaits at the top, however far up that may be. But first, you must remember. Specifically, you must remember you who are. What life did you live leading up to your death? Who are you, traveler?