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Gotham City Beat Cop Quest 7

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It all began with a small box located in the undercarriage of a boosted car, parked outside a warehouse with mob connections deeper than Gotham Bay, Officer Mark DeLucia; a fresh faced Rookie with the GCPD and a power of his own. Shivers allows Mark to communicate with Gotham City, sometimes he's shown seemingly random visions, or given fleeting scents and sensations typically as a warning. Instead of using this power to operate as a vigilante as many others have done he instead decided to join the Gotham City Police Department and use his ability in the open. Not hiding behind a mask or a secret identity he seeks to do whatever is in his power to make his city just a little bit better for the everyday person.

The first few months of the job have been hard, facing a plethora of woman troubles, home invasions, and more than a few attempts on his own life Mark has carved out a solid group within the department alongside his GCPD Mentor Mitch Hawthorne, the long-toothed detective Thomas 'Gray' Bennett, and former Army Captain turned cop: Luke Kimble. Those connections alongside The Question and Huntress vigilantes have been vital in Mark's mission to stop The SIM Killer, Mafioso Hit-Man who seems to possess his own Dark version of Shivers. Starting his investigation off-the-books Mark now finds himself at the tail end of a successful sting to strike at the Mob Families that employ SIM and back in the sights of Firebug, who seeks to kill current Mayor of Gotham: Harvey Dent and anyone who would protect him...

"You're wrong there, Kimble. The driver made the smart choice, he's perfectly fine, better than we found him even. You can't build your house on rotten timbers and expect it to stand forever. This is your last chance, all three of you. Walk away now and let me burn the debris, clear the way for your department to build Gotham back up again the right way."

You swallow hard and give a look to Banks, his eyes are fixed on Firebug but his breath is shallow and rapid while his eyes seem distant and unfocused. A delicate touch to his arm makes him jolt as he turns to face you.
"We aren't listening to this right?"

A voice over your shoulder replies.
"Maybe we should.."

You turn to Kimble who has his barrel now pointed slightly down. His eyes avoid yours.

"Kimble, are you serious?" You shout whisper as you lean in. He pulls away from you and refuses to meet your eyes.

"Think about it. He's gutting the department, putting us in dog and pony shows, he isn't a leader. Not to me. If it was Reiner, or Hawthorne, or Gordon in there I'd die before I let anything happen to them. But Dent..."

You grasp his shoulder and turn him to face you, in his eye you see the same glint he had when you were at Maroni's where he made the deal.
"Let's walk away...DeLucia." He says quietly, but his eyes raise to meet you as he finishes. "Let him go into the car if he wants, let's be done with this. That's an order."