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Shinobi Sidestory Quest #57

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You are Uzumaki Shiki, a jōnin from the hidden village Amegakure on indefinite loan to your larger ally Konohagakure, Currently you’ve been assigned to protect Kae-hime, the princess of a nation friendly to both your homeland and to Konoha, while her father sorts out an apparent problem within the ranks of his own government. Probably some disgruntled ministerial-type who thinks his career would progress faster if he just kills a bunch of people so he can promote himself to what he thinks his appropriate station is.


Hana-sensei, the teacher in charge of Kae-hime’s class during her stay at the Academy here in Konohagakure, seems like an awkward but well-versed and well-meaning woman to you. She gives you a strong impression that there’s not a mean bone in her body, which is nice. It’s easy to relax around people like that.

Throughout her subsequent lesson, you’re able to chat with Sumirin as she watches through the classroom windows from a nearby building.

[How did you do it?] you ask with a slight frown on your face – you don’t really need to listen to the lesson, since you basically mastered all this information before coming to the Academy the first time. All you really need to do is make sure you’re not so distracted that you can’t answer a surprise question.

“Seventeen degrees,” you answer when prompted by a question involving practical mathematics.

“Correct,” Hana-sensei replies. “Good job, Shiki-kun.”

[Do what?] Sumirin replies.

[Disguise your ability so thoroughly,] you clarify. [Back in the day.]

She did manage to hide the fact that she was basically an ANBU-trained plant for several years, and you feel like you very nearly blew it on day one.

True, you did suspect her.

And that’s the truth of it. You didn’t want to think that a classmate – a friend – could be capable of anything nefarious, so you rationalized everything you saw away.

[It works on adults and children alike,] she tells you. [To a certain extent. Just keep pretending and they’ll do most of the work for you.]

[Thanks, Sumirin.]

[Any time, Shikkun.]