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SHF Dark Trio Restored My Love For Toys

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SHF Dark Trio Restored My Love For Toys. The dark trio are a group of dark manga/anime that SHF is doing:
>chainsaw man
>hells paradise
>jujutsu kaisen
I really love these 3 lines. Earlier this year I genuinely had ran out of things to get. I have a lot of interests, but I had most of the main characters for each line (full ML avengers, gundam, all diaclone transformers, all the MP Transformers that I liked, kamen rider, lightning collection etc.).
The dark trio brought completely new toy vibes that I had never felt. For once, there was 3 new properties with original ideas, that got decent import toys. I really don't remember this happening post 2020. All 3 properties are toyetic (basically meaning action heroes with cool fighting styles.) I really hope import companies take more risks on new shows.

Overall: 10/10

(I hope we get the plant trannys next.)