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Marvel General: Hail Hydra Edition

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-Mafex Stealth Armor Iron Man solicited

-Rektangular 2024 leak list revealed

-Marvel Legends Angel available for pre-order (all major retailers)

-Marvel Legends X-Men 97 Wave 2 announced (all major retailers)

-Marvel Legends Marvel Studios Iron Spider and Iron Man Mark LXXXV announced (all major retailers) (new MCU evergreen line)

-Marvel Legends Sam Wilson Captain America (Target Exclusive) and Secret Empire Steve Rogers Captain America (Walmart Exclusive) Announced

-Marvel Legends Brood Wolverine vs Lilandra 2 pack solicited (Fan Channel)

-Marvel Legends Sabertooth vs Cowboy Logan 2 pack solicited (Fan Channel)

-Marvel Legends Lady Psylocke vs Wolverine 2 pack solicited (Fan Channel)

-Marvel Legends Joe Fixit vs Patch 2 pack solicited (Fan Channel)

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