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/jtg/ - Jada Toys General: Cloth Gi Edition

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A thread dedicated to Jada Toys and it’s figure lines. Jada’s model cars are for the diecast/scale model car general.
-Street Fighter
-Mega Man
-Universal Monsters
-Food Mascots


Juhn shared a lot of information during a livestream about upcoming releases and general info, CrimsonCommander shared the information in the last thread and I’ll post it below.

Street Fighter Waves
Wave 1 - Ryu, Fei Long, Chun Li
Wave 2 - Ken Masters, M. Bison, Dhalsim
Wave 3 - Guile, Cammy, Dee Jay
Wave 4 - Blanka, Sagat, Vega

Street Fighter Exclusives - Evil Ryu (SDCC), Alt Player 2 Ryu (Paulmartstore)

Street Fighter UNKNOWNS
Alt Player 2 Chun Li
Alt Player 2 Fei Long
Violent Ken (will most likely be SDCC like Evil Ryu but not known for sure)

Megaman Figures
Mega Man
Ice Man
Fire Man
Hyper Bomb
Elec Man
Cut Man

Universal Monsters Figures
Bride of Frankenstein
Invisible Man
Creature from the Black Lagoon
The Wolfman

Food Mascots
Franken Berry
Count Chocula
Boo Berry
Chester Cheetah