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/motu/ Masters of the Universe General: Yay! Dylamug Edition

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>Eternia playsets shipped with Moaty, King Grayskull being shipped together and separately
>Sy-Klones starting to arrive
>Extendar orders coming as soon as possibly April
>Krang spotted at Walmart
>Sla'ker arrives in April probably as soon as Mouse Jaw gets cleared out (some have him for $15)
>More Turtle of Grayskull figures coming including; Hordak, April, Alternate Leo, Turtle Armor He-Man, Deluxe Rock Steady/Bebop, Splinter, Stealth Ninja Leo and He-man, and Merman
>Pre Orders for new Origins and Masterverse stuff went up already. Collector and Cringer with Prince Adam CC
>Masterverse Horde Trooper coming in Fall as Mattel Creations Exclusive
>Upcoming Masterverse: Skeletor and throne, Movie Beast Man, Snake Sorceress Teela
>New Mega sets supposedly CANCELLED: Laser Bolt with Ram Man and War Sled with Skeletor
>Origins Demo Man and Geldor coming in Autumn
>Crowdfund vote winner is the Snake Lair, Crowdfunding campaign date pending
>Skeletor/Demogorgon & He-Man/Vecna are Target exclusives
>Moss Man might be on clearance at select Wal*Mart locations your mileage may vary
>Walmart Collector-con Snake Man wave sold out, if they are coming to retail: status unknown
>Filmation Collection Wave 1 spotted at Target unless Jitsu or Pigman is rotting the pegs


Thread question: Are you going to get the Collector ?