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Can someone be a qt and explain how to use bitcoins so I can renew my pass?
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What the h*ck is this poop?

Why doesn't hiro accept cash anymore?
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>can't renew pass with real money
>the most powerful website in the world relies on fake gookcoin payments because PayPal is too hard
Fuck this
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>Spend hours trying to find a bitcoin trading site that will just let me send btc to my wallet immediately so I can buy a 4chan pass
>takes more than two hours and I wasted $25 on a site that wouldn't let me send it to my wallet and didn't tell me until after I had bought the btc
>finally get the btc needed to buy a pass
>go to buy the pass
>find out you can just pay using Coinbase
I am a fucking moron. Any other anons had similar experience buying a pass?
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muscle slave quest

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I have a mission to find a roided mass monster alpha male and be his gains slave.
I have messaged dozens of bodybuilders and athletes. Most never respond and the few who do aren't interested.
I have even made shitty 3d renders showing muscle monsters in their deserved lifestyle. Most pics are posted on twitter: feedingmuscle1
Who could I serve?
How can I realize my dream?
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TEST 01/??

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Keiki Thread

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Every once a day, I'll post one image of Haniyasushin Keiki.
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Die schule der kleinen vampire

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Thread For Me To Dump Images I Like

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Videogames (mostly older ones), weapons, weebshit, and some old horror movie stuff.
Talk if you want.
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are there any real benefits to eating there?
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