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Help finding song "oh my my my my"

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This song is very difficult to make out the lyrics, but it's a slow and very sad and nostalgic sounding song that I keep hearing but no matter what lyrics I search I can't find it. I even tried to hum or sing it (I sound awful trying to sing it) into a music sound finder app and it comes up with zero results. I don't use tiktok but I have seen other people use it on their phones and sometimes this song is used there.

Basically it sounds like

dooooo Dooooo DOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOO doooooooo DOOO!!!!!!! oh my my my my

(not sure if it's the actual words, but sounds like that) and it's a female singer with a warm and silky loving voice.

The song sounds incredibly sad, but also hopeful, like she's trying to make someone feel better about something they're sad about, or she is sad about.

Please help bros