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>concealed carry is legal in Georgia
>have Georgia carry license
>can carry anywhere but a church, government building, school, and bar (unless bar owner allows carry)
>'no weapons' signs and policies have no weight in Georgia. If an owner of a private business does not want you carrying, and you refuse to leave, then you can only be charged with trespassing
>as long as you keep it concealed, who is to know?

>mfw 'high security' not letting anyone take water bottles, bags, or any props into the convention
>mfw carrying trusty CZ-75 P-01 the entire con right under skirt.
>mfw no bags, bottles, or anything in hand. just looked innocent in skirt the whole time
>mfw people getting kicked out of line, not being let into the panel till they got friends to come over and get their bags, props, etc.
>mfw carried my CZ right into the 4chan panel
>mfw saw moot at 4chan panel at AWA with CZ the whole time
>mfw I have no face