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Heretic Cultivator Quest 17

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You are Huanliuxue (欢流血, Happy Bloodshed/ Happy to Shed Blood) , first amongst all housecats and demonic beasts, near peerless beauty, once in ten generations genius, head of the heretical sect of beasts and outcasts the Palace of natural laws (宫殿的野生彝宪, Gōngdiàndīyěshēngyíxiàn) and founder of the Ruler of the Great Wheel's Law(统治者的这重大轮回法律, Tǒngzhìzhědīzhèzhòngdàlúnhuífǎlǜ), and perhaps the most noteworthy and good natured heretic to grace the stagnant world of cultivation in history.

Having taken a chunk out of the Winter blossoming wisdom sect's territory simply by being kinder to the locals than they were and generously and benevolently lending them aid while their so called protectors who summoned an endless blizzard ontop of their heads, by sending your disciples to give them food, firewood and other necessities. And by personally smashing the massive spell formation that created the enchanted storm, after you easily survived an attempt on your life and converted the survivors of that "Hunting party" away from the "righteous" path of the orthodoxy. Now having greatly expanded your sect's holding and influences, even taking the flourishing city of Suiqi as your own and turning it into a place that mixed the ancient and wild pass with the civilized and tamed presence through hijacking the last piece of the winter blossoming wisdom sect's grand array, you needed to prepare in several ways. As not only had you reached out to the other sects of the Chuan region, besides the two who were practically drooling at the mouth to tear you limb from limb, but your killing of the remarkable drunkard Xue Ming had outraged his grandfather.

Who was not only the head of one of the two sects that could not exist beneath the same skies as you, but also the bastard who killed your older, foxy sister Xuebai and crippled your mother's cultivation decades before, the contemptible Xue Laohue. Who you really weren't certain how that old piece of shit was still alive, as he has been supposedly dying since before you were reborn as a magical beast and began cultivating. Talk about being stubborn. But even if you were the first and only holder of a tier 0 golden core, the ancient frosty fossil had many, many years of experience over you. And much of that experience was in killing beasts.

So you needed to prepare for his arrival, as the storm he brought could be seen on the horizon. Literally. He stood in the center of a second, magical blizzard! And you must also prepare for the arrival of your first prospective allies, the five colors and five purities sect.