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What Famon Wants edition

>Livestream link (Fridays @ 9:55 AM UTC):

>Latest episode: (1080p)

Next episode:
>PM2023 007 - Training! Captain Pikachu (May 19th)

Future episodes:
>PM2023 008 - The Secret of the Door That Can't Be Opened (May 26th)
>PM2023 009 - Arrival in Paldea! (June 2nd)
>PM2023 010 - Nemo and Colza (June 9th)

>Summaries, voice cast, etc.:

>Previous episodes:

>Pokémon Twilight Wings, PokéToons, Pokémon Evolutions, and Hisuian Snow subs:


>M23: Coco (1080p) (720p)

>Specials and Audio Dramas:

>Music, manga, and more:

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