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Cirno Wallpapers Thread

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Cirno Wallpapers Thread. Let's go!
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Ergo Proxy

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Post your Ergo Proxy wall papers
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Rate my collection

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About 10k wallpapers for mobile and desktop. I have a wallpaper changer on my phone that cycles through them.
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Japanese Games

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Post wallpapers for games, as long as the game originated from Japan. This includes visual novels.
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Makoto Shinkai Thread

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Five Centimeters Per Second is my favorite.
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loli thread

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last >>2232700
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/c/ute anime wallpapers

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<img class="xae" data-xae width="31" height="32" src="">__<span class="xae" data-xae="fire">🔥</span>__<img class="xae" data-xae width="31" height="32" src="">;
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Welcome to the NHK!

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Bros... I think it's time we got another one going

I only have the ones from the old thread but hopefully we get to see some new ones
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