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Rider Wallpapers

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Rider from Fate Stay Night, anything Rider related from any Fate series
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i believe it's time for a fate grand order thread. lb6 is most welcomed
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Starry, sunny sky at any time of the day and maybe with some clouds, I just love sky
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Black Lagoon thread

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Anyone have any high quality Black Lagoon papes?
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Pondering/dreaming (smoking optional)

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Wallpapers featuring characters pondering or lost in thought. I like the aesthetics of them smoking, but that's just me. I'll post what I've got
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Any wallpapers of Tomoko from Watamote please?

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Das it, I just really like her
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Ergo Proxy

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Post your Ergo Proxy wall papers
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/m/ thread

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Where are all my /m/en and wo/m/en at?
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Operative systems thread

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