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Megumin Thread #44

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Pokegirls II

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Because there are too many girls to contain within one thread.

Who's your favorite pokegirl?
Who's your favorite pokemon?

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Wholesome Busty VII

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Cute girls of the buxom variety.

Remember: this is /c/, not /e/, so please avoid posting suggestive art.

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Gurren Lagann

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Lina Inverse

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Because she's cute!!!

Can also be a Slayers general if anons wanted, but Lina should be prioritized!
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A New Maid Thread Strikes Again

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Third times the charm! Post meidos or meido adjacent waifus of any stripe or color, be it classical, french, steampunk, military, nurses or waitresses!

Bonus points for the mythical skating maids, oh and don't textbump please!

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Okita Souji #18

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slightly early because its bedtime edition
all versions are good! regular sakura saber, summer jets, tanned alters and summer alters welcome
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School swimsuits/sukumizu

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Last thread was pretty cool so why not have some more?
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Minase Iori thread #79

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Not quite in time for Easter, but bunnies are always in season for the cutest idol!

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