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So how many of you faggots got to suck moot's dick in Atlanta?

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Did anyone else do any sight seeing in Atlanta? I had a stroll through the hood and snapped some pics.
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So that faggot who got to ask a question twice


>herp derp

Also all of you are complete faggots. I'm really glad I didn't touch any of your shitty hands in the line. You all didn't get any of the memes on the videos etc.. You don't even know who alice chan is

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top ket

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So i've always wanted to go to a convention
either anime or E3 something like that
but I don't have any friends that share similar interest (maybe E3)

Do people ever go to conventions alone?
Is it safe for me to go to a convention by myself? or is it more fun going with someone?
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Where's the NO U video moot?
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Spread it around like wildfire