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>concealed carry is legal in Georgia
>have Georgia carry license
>can carry anywhere but a church, government building, school, and bar (unless bar owner allows carry)
>'no weapons' signs and policies have no weight in Georgia. If an owner of a private business does not want you carrying, and you refuse to leave, then you can only be charged with trespassing
>as long as you keep it concealed, who is to know?

>mfw 'high security' not letting anyone take water bottles, bags, or any props into the convention
>mfw carrying trusty CZ-75 P-01 the entire con right under skirt.
>mfw no bags, bottles, or anything in hand. just looked innocent in skirt the whole time
>mfw people getting kicked out of line, not being let into the panel till they got friends to come over and get their bags, props, etc.
>mfw carried my CZ right into the 4chan panel
>mfw saw moot at 4chan panel at AWA with CZ the whole time
>mfw I have no face
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Did you take any new friends you met at AWA back to your room to hang out? Do you think you will remain friends in the future?

Pic related, my new best friends.
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postin on /con/,
now what?
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Well, this board is balls and I'm bored. Quick, give me some fanfiction to read. Even that would be more entertaining.

>Hard Mode
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Can someone please transcribe what the reverend is saying during the con?

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Now that moot has declared 2014 the year of the ponypocolypse how do you think 4chan has fared in the war so far? how many do you think we got to stop watching the show and does anyone have any future plans in helping moot rid the world of ponies? also what anti-brony groups are you in? CBR checking in.

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That was the worst meetup-con EVER not only i couldnt pass, i got punched by a fucking fedorass new fag just because he sawed me wearing my revolution mask. Fucking new fag's this day not even know their goddamnbitch place.

I swaer if yo'ur seeing this im going to track the shit out of you.

Bitch i never forget.

Anymous never forget.

Mark my fucking words,
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