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we Facebook

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>We temporarily re-opened /con/ (first time in 6 years!) for people to post their AWA and panel pics, stories, etc. Thanks to everyone who made it to our meetup + panel!
So this is the Facebook of 4chan ? What's next, connect with facebook and Like ? Up/down votes when ?
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Lets get an MTAC thread rollin.

I have a leak for you guys. Mtac's gonna be held in murfreesboro tn this year instead of nashville.

No i don't have proof, My room mate is on the staff for mtac and gmx and works with gear girls. That's where I heard it from.

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>tfw you never went to a con before

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I went to the con and the panel was bad lol
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This was the Georgian 'girl' moot fucked at the event

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ITT: We make pie charts of our experience at AWA

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Kind of bitter-sweet, if you ask me

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I claim this bored in the name of all the gay racists of America!
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Let's have a shut thread. I'm disappointed no one asked Jon a question.