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Flag Bikinis

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the best kind of patriotism
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Thigh Gap / Pussy Print

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Bonus points for non laterally clipped images.
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Hololive thread

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Girls with Glasses #2

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Post cute and juicy meganekkos wearing the most detailed meganes out there.

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Fighting Game Girls

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/sdg/ Stable Diffusion / AI General

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>>2835731 hit the image limit
Please keep loli on >>>/b/, western styles on >>>/aco/, vtubers on >>>/vt/, and dicks on >>>/h/ or >>>/d/
Non-Stable Diffusion (Bing/Dall-E/Midjourney) is OK.
Do not circumvent board rules by posting offsite links to off topic content. Keep it /e/.

> Where do I start?

> More guides

> Models and Mixes

> LoRAs

> Recommended Extensions

> Recommended models for /e/
Based68, Counterfeit-V3.0, Break Domain, Olympus v4, Animagine 3 XL

> ComfyUI resources:

> Resources
A1111 Wiki:
LoRa Training guides: | |
advanced merging:
Model similarity calculator:
Animation: | |
Regional Prompting:

> Related
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Casual Nudity from Anime & Manga

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Mixed bath edition! Share examples of shameless nudist/exhibitionist girls who have no problem going around naked. (Preferably anime and manga examples rather than random nude pin-ups or nude filters.) Provide sources where possible, and always check SauceNao first!
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Tomboy Thread

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Sporty, tough and boyish looking girls, preferably tanned, with a toned body and short haired

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Boob Windows

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Gorgeous boob windows that show off the good stuff.
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