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Wizard Bread XXX - Dangerous Dough Dynamics Edition

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Alright! Last thread was comfy and slow. This thread... probably still slow but with more movement this time!

Theme: Motion. Dynamics. Movement. Yada yada.

As suggested here
>"Life is all dynamics" / Motion captured in a single frame. Inspired by a song, hence the corny name.
>Now that we had a lot of resting, chilling and sleeping girls, it could be a topic where a motion or impending motion of any kind is being portrayed in the pic.
>It may be a motion of the girl, it might be a dynamic pose (middle of a stretch, lifting a leg, reaching for something...) it might be something moving in the background... something like that.

Really enjoyed the concept of this prompt and think it might be quite fruitful. Going to keep the other suggestion about facial expressions in my backpocket. I did really like the "anything but demure" thread ages ago so I'd like to revisit the land between chin and fivehead here sometime.
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Post girls wearing detailed footwear.
High heels, sneakers, loafers or even slippers, it does not matter.
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Senran kagura

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Strike Witches bread

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Holo / Spice & Wolf

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I just want to share my favorite wolf.
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Genshin Impact

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A thread dedicated to the Genshin girls. Kekqueen edition, but all Genshin girls are equally welcome~
Old thread >>2740992 hit bump limit.
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Saki: Tanoshii

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Lewds of characters from the Saki mahjong series.
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Ecchi Elves

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Elf girls and dark elf girls.
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Borderline Loli Thread

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Something a little more interesting. Not too young and not too old looking. Hopefully the fags who run this board won't become assmad and delete it. Keep it Ass and Non-Explicit.
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Denim thread

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Jeans, cutoffs, Daisy Dukes, denim skirts and little else

Challenge mode: no Misty or Mordred
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