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Fighting Game Girls

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NGE thread

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Smaller Breast Slender Women Thread

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Please post Adult/Older women with smaller breasts and they have a slender shape. No lolis please. They can be nude or clothed.
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Artists of ALL experience levels are welcome.
I'm serious. That includes you. Yeah you. The guy/girl who's never picked up a pencil before in his/her life. You're not only welcome but encouraged to post here.

You know the rules:
> 1. Include full names and what series your characters are from.
> 2. Keep the request SIMPLE.
> 3. Compile multiple images into one or link to a gallery for additional references.
> 4. Try not to bump requests.
> 5. REQUEST drawings ONLY; this is NOT your personal deviantART page.
> 6. No AI deliveries.
> 7. Do not hijack requests.
> 8. PLEASE request only ONE drawing at a time.
> 9. Artists, post a sample of your work when "taking X requests".
> 10. No shitposting.
> 11. Keep it /e/.
> 12. If a post breaks the rules, DO report and hide it. DON'T respond to it.
> 13. Have fun
Also, please post deliveries to the /e/ booru just in case a requester misses a delivery

Want to learn how to draw or improve your drawing skills? Visit the /ic/ sticky:

Color & Edit Thread: >>2832775
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In this thread I will be posting lewds of Kurisu and other heroines from acclaimed visual novel and anime Steins;Gate plus the rest of the Sci;Adv series. Contributions welcome.
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Girls with bikini swimsuits.
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Code Geass

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Tifa Lockhart

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Tifa Lockhart Thread V
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Any girl from Re:Zero, preferably Rem but all are welcome.
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