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Little Bitch Academia

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They killed millions
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Perfect Innie Pussies

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- Keep it /e/
- AI Content is forbidden
- No pubes/bush
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Hinako Shijou

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Hinako Shijou

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which character you'd like to stroke your wiener on while she looks at you? personally Haruhi is my number one option of all time

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Which one is best?
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Hololive thread

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Tribute worthy

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images you've payed tribute to or can cum on as if they're asking for it. looking at viewer, mouth open, cupped hands, chest out, full body nude looking down/up pov angles, looking back at you etc.
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Mechanical Armour

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2D art featuring gorgeous girls with beautiful, reflective mechanical battle armour. Not necessarily androids. Aim for at least three tones of shading. Use the images I've started with as a general guide for the kind of designs to post. If you can't find anything that meets these criteria exactly but have something similar, that might be good quality, then posting it here should be okay. AI art is also fine but no 3D.

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Mai Shiranui thread

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The best
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