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Give me a Florida convention.
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Well, since there is a thread up asking about Florida cons, does anybody know of any Arkansas cons? We never seem to get any because nobody knows we exist and they think we are a city.
>inb4 that's a really shitty state OP you don't deserve any cons.
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Bloody hell, I swear I met the biggest bunch of autistic fucks ever at this con, it's as if the beta-cringe threads came to life lol.

But even though it was the most cringe-worthy con of faggots spouting memes like "OMG LUK AT ME I MEK A REAL LIFE REFERENCE OF A 4CHAN MAY MAY THAT EVERYWUN SEEN A THOUSAND TIMES I'M SO FUNNEH :3", and the god-ugliest bitches I've ever seen from /cgl/, I literally had fun laughing at you guys afterwards.

Thanks moot, for making me aware of the 4chan con-goer autistic minority. I thought these kind of people existed in reddit like those "I'm brony and I'm proud" types, but fucking hell I was wrong, that was classic stuff.
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Is this board going to be a thing? I'd really, really like a convention meetup, discussion, coordination, and information board. This is something that could really be helpful to the countless ranks of us around the world who attend conventions, and knowing that virtually all boards complain about con discussion beyond /cgl/, where it's all just..../cgl/, we don't have a very open, dedicated board for convention discussion.

Can this board really a thing?
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Seems to be a lack of shitposting...

Spider-man con. Right here. Right now.

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AWA Crunchyroll stream highlights

There's a few parts already on Youtube:

There's probably gonna be more.
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Has anyone been to an RTX convention?

Thinking about going next summer.

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Was anyone else at the touhou photoshoot? Cosplay photos thread.
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