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Just Shirt and Panties

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No pants no shorts no skirts.
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Nude Edit / Nude Filter is the best type of nudity
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Inconvenient Breasts General

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Showing the downsides to "freaky big boobs"
Post women struggling due to, or against, their tits
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A thread for everyone's favorite hero.
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Leotards, body suits, one-piece swimsuits

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Post bodysuits and similar.

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Kancolle/Kantai Collection

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everything to do about the OG shipgirls gacha game
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Were you following any manga or anime and didnt expect to see any of the girls nude?

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In my case I could say that after watching the anime I didnt expect Sono bisque doll Marin nude. It felt great to be wrong.
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Exotic/Middle-eastern/Bellydancer/Harem clothing

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Thread for girls with any combination of mouth veils, jewelry, see-through fabric (bonus points if all her clothes are see-through), exposed bellies, detached chiffon sleeves(?), pelvic curtains, and other things that fit the theme.
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what makes office girls so fucking hot?
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Both Tight and Loose Clothes

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My favorite has to be loose/baggy jackets on tight bodysuits, but I like other combinations.
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