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Hex Maniac

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Need to flesh out my Hex Maniac folder beyond r34, so post 'em!

>BBW preferred
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Casual Nudity from Anime & Manga

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Highschool DxD

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Bonus points for official art.

Double bonus points for gifs, screencaps, or stitches.
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General ass thread

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Any clothing state is fine, but bonus for panties. No buttholes pls
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fap guantlet

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What is Fap Gauntlet? It is a fun little fap game you play by following simple instructions in each post in the thread until you reach the end or cum. To contribute post nice images or gifs in the format of (strokes) / (speed) / (force) where strokes is the total number of strokes written as whole numbers, speed is the strokes per second which may be written as these words (extremely slow, very slow, slow, medium, normal, fast, very fast, extremely fast) and force is whatever pressure or special details or instructions for stroking may be.

20, very slow, light
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Samus Aran

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Post images of the sexiest bounty hunter ever
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Megpoid GUMI

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Happy Birthday GUMI

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Code Geass

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Perfect Innies in Manga/Doujins

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Rules for this thread:

1 - Frontal nudity only
2 - No bushes/pubes/hairy pussies
3 - Check if the page looks /e/
4 - Must to be uncensored
5 - Don't forget to add source of the pages

Source of the page: [Chimee House (Takapi)] Sakura Kotaka no Roshutsubiyori 9 [Digital]
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