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Does anyone know where this little alien plush is from? I assume its from the 1990s its got that aesthetic if the time and alot of the silver paint has rubbed off on him. Any help would he appreciated
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Why does this company make this board seethe has hard is it does? I genuinely don't get it. Doesn't seem any better or worse than any other toy company out there.
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Why does hasbro continue to make the shampoo bottle figures? I dont see anyone ever buying them
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How does toy feel about sofubi
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Are you serious? This was a brand new figure I had to hunt down

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I just opened the figure, was trying to bend his leg and snap! Anyone else had this issue? Otherwise it’s a good figure, but this is extremely disappointing since I had to go to 3 different targets all across town to finally find him and then this ruins it all.
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/MOTU/ Masters of the Universe General: Lookout Edition

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Previous Thread: >>10961311

>Necro-Conda now up for pre-order on fan channels, no longer Wal*Mart exclusive
>Extendar expected to be next on Mattel Creations on the 22nd
>Lord Grasp and Terroar are reportedly not Wal*mart exclusives, they just get first dibs for a while. No ETA but expect them to show up on places like BBTS eventually.
>Krang hitting shelves at Walmart in abundance, should be easy to find in the USA
>Sla'ker arriving in Target stores
>Sunman 3-pack is being liquidated for $14.99
>More Turtle of Grayskull figures coming including; Hordak, April, Alternate Leo, Turtle Armor He-Man, Deluxe Rock Steady/Bebop, Splinter, Stealth Ninja Leo and He-man, and Merman. More rumors for an additional wave of Raph, Donnie, Rattlor, Mekaneck.
>Masterverse Horde Trooper coming in Fall as Mattel Creations Exclusive
>Origins Demo Man and Geldor coming in Autumn
>Crowdfund vote winner is the Snake Lair, Crowdfunding campaign date pending
>Skeletor/Demogorgon are starting to show up, He-Man/Vecna should be next
>Moss Man might be on clearance at select Wal*Mart locations your mileage may vary
>Filmation Collection Wave 2 starting to show up, Teela shelfwarming


Thread question: do you mix any other toylines with your MOTU?
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DC General: Longbow Hunters Edition

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-Batman vs Bane 2 pack preorder still up at Game Stop and MTS (for now)
-Tim Drake Robin preorders still up at Game Stop (for now)
-Punchline and Joker 2 pack projected to be warming the pegs come summer
-Plastic Man BAF wave and Ghosts of Krypton Page Punchers waves hitting stores
-Ed McGuinness Superman, Longbow Hunters Green Arrow, and Ray Palmer Atom announced
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Japan -> EU customs (toy sword)

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so I miraculously managed to pre-order one of these almost 13 hours after pre-orders went live
I've never had to import a toy sword before, how do I deal with customs exactly?
DHL? FedEx? EMS?
what HS code? 950300? or should it be 95030081?
(main material is ABS)
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Imagine, if you will,
Mezco One:12 King of the Hill figures
Mezco One:12 Beavis and Butthead
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age play

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any advice on the best toys to age regress with, thanks in advance
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