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ever do this for your action figures?
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Legends of Chima General

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Talk about Legends of Chima - one of the most unique lego original lines.

- What is your favorite set?
- What's your favorite chima tribe?
- What do you like the most/dislike the most about Chima?

Let's discuss Chima!
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DC General: By Your Powers Combined... Edition

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Previous: >>11051401

What do you think of the new Batman wave?
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Is Hasbro to blame for the poor quality of Marvel Legends and the Black Series?

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We know the franchises Hasbro dont own, in this case Marvel and StarWars two of the biggest franchises in history lost them money last year, whereas Transformers and GI Joe, two objectively smaller franchises with toylines that have much higher budgets, actually made them a profit despite one of them having a box office bomb in June, and the other having no presence in pop culture since 2013.
At this point it’s almost certain that Hasbro is cutting corners with Marvel and Star Wars because Disney fucked up the franchises. The sooner Hasbro drops them when the next contract negotiations come up the better.
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Minecraft General

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Anyone collecting minecraft figures?
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>two mini-figs and the most boring scenery imaginable
>That'll be 50 dollarinos, plus tax and shipping, and don't forget to tip your DEI delivery driver
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Are There Any Good Bootlegs?

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I got the Ct Toys spider gwen for 15$, after seeing youtube reviews on how "great" it was. When i opened it up, it was the worst figure experience i've had all year. Plastic felt gummy, no joint integrity, and floppy.

YouTube reviewers are such scam artists. "Better than the original" was the biggest bait I've ever heard. I don't know how anyone could think this was acceptable.

That being said i'm kind of gullible towards bootlegs. All my transformer ones are amazing and made of hard abs. I bought all the pretenders, and the wei jiang devastator. I might buy a few more in the future.

So is there any other good bootlegs out there that are cheap and strong? I felt like /toy/ would know all about this.

>well bootlegs are typically produced after shift...
I know this. I've heard this preamble a hundred times. Just tell me good bootlegs. Bonus if you have Links.
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2000s Robot Toys

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Anyone else miss these guys? I never got the Idog or any of the other animals but always wanted one. I think I had the Robodsapien but I’m not sure. I know for certain I had this little raptor dude from McDonalds and loved him to pieces.
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Robo-Chi Pets. Anyone else get these back in the 2000s? I only ever got the bird and dog. It was hard to get the cat.
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Who else /boglin/ here?