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what the fuck

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/jtg/ - Jada Toys General: Out for a Stroll Edition

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A thread dedicated to Jada Toys and its figure lines. Jada’s model cars are for the diecast/scale model car general.
-Street Fighter
-Mega Man
-Food Mascots


Street Fighter Waves
Wave 1 - Ryu, Fei Long, Chun Li
Wave 2 - Ken Masters, M. Bison, Dhalsim
Wave 3 - Guile, Cammy, Dee Jay
Wave 4 - Blanka (Deluxe), Sagat (Deluxe), Vega

Street Fighter Exclusives - Evil Ryu (SDCC), Alt Player 2 Ryu (Paulmartstore)

Street Fighter UNKNOWNS
Alt Player 2 Chun Li
Alt Player 2 Fei Long
Violent Ken (will most likely be SDCC like Evil Ryu but not known for sure)
Red Chun Li (Potential target exclusive?)

Megaman Figures
Wave 1 - Mega Man, Ice Man, Fire Man
Wave 2 - Hyper Bomb Mega Man, Elec Man, Cut Man

Food Mascots
Franken Berry
Count Chocula
Boo Berry
Chester Cheetah
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Are Jumbo Machinders the most based thing to collect?

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I just recent watched this video on YouTube, pic related, and this guy seems very passionate about collecting these things. It definitely got me interested to dive in further. These and Sofubi seem like the most pretentious thing to collect for toy collectors. What’s /toy/‘s opinion?

Digimon General - Pendulum Color Wave 2 Edition

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>Digimon Pendulum Color Wave 2
>Digimon Pendulum Color Wave 1
>Figure-rise Standard Amplified Paildramon (Digimon Adventure 02)
>Digimon - Digimon Adventure Digivice 25th COLOR EVOLUTION
>Digimon - Digimon Adventure Digivice 25th COLOR EVOLUTION- DX Set Taichi Yagami/Matt Ishida Color
Digimon - Digital Monster X As' Maria EDITION (Ver.Wargreymon X-AntiBody/ Ver.Metalgarurumon X-Antibody)
>VV Evolution Guide
>V-Pet Evolution Guide

>Artbook Archive

>Figure-Rise Standard Amplified MetalGreymon (Vaccine)
>Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Dukemon (Special Coating)
>Figure-Rise Standard Angemon
>Figure-Rise Standard Amplified ShineGreymon
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So it looks like Spector Creative's channel is shutting down. Can't say I'm upset about him leaving but at the same time the whole situation behind the shutdown is interesting. Trying to leave all the drama out of it here's what happened, curious as to what /toy/ thinks about this, aside from the drama nonsense.

So Spector took some photos from a toy review website, The Figure In Question" and used several dozen photos in his various videos throughout the years. The photos were all watermarked but Spector went out of his way to obstruct and remove them. The photographer of the photos found out about this, researched how many of his photos that Spector used, and proceeded to file a bunch of copyright claims (30 in total, less than half of the total videos that featured his work) on YouTube. To make a long story short, once Spector reached out to the photographer saying he would be willing to remove all the photos in question, so the photographer recanted the strikes, assuming Spector would act in good faith, even going on to say he was fine with Spector continuing to feature his work, as long as he received credit in the form of a link to his website in the description or something as trivial as that. He would even let Spector use the existing stuff if he just added a link in a pinned comment or something like that. Anyway, once the strikes werr removed, Spector ended up not keeping his word and demanded copyright proof and what not from the photographer. Eventually the photographer ended up filing a claim with the copyright office leading to Spector voluntarily shutting down his channel.

Setting the drama aside, what do you guys think about this? If you took toy photography in a semi professional manner, at least enough to watermark your photos that you post on your own website, would you file claims against someone using your work without your permission?
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Why do Americans keep making this fuck ugly waist swivel? It serves no purpose.
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>intended for adult collectors-not a toy
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Bootlegs, knockoffs general

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Has anybody any experience with this of pic related item from AliExpress?
Probably knock off because it has the half/third price if the original.
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Ebay 'international shipping program' cost for buyers?

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So I'm in the UK looking for a Dragapult select figure and the only ones I can find are from US ebay sellers, most of which not specifying a shipping cost to me.
After messaging some asking for shipping costs it seems most use this 'ebay international shipping program' where they send the package to ebay and have no idea how much ebay will actually charge me once they send it.
Anyone got any experience with this? The dragapult figure costs ~$30 and I don't want to get raped by a shipping cost of more than the figure itself, that I can't even see until I've actually bought the product
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Kamen America

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