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/tfg/ - Transformers General: New Movie Edition

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The first trailer for Transformers One drops today
Post your hopes and copes

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Speed Racer

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Recently got my kid into speed racer. I forgot how good this show was. Looking online, I’m really surprised there is no good Speed and Mach 5 combo. It would be an instant buy if someone like Figma came out with a 1/12 combo. I bought a 1/18 scale die cast Mach 5 and hope to eventually commission a 1/18 scale Speed. Thanks for reading my blog. What other toys are you surprised don’t exist?
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Scott’s channel will be taken down soon

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In a shocking turn of events Scott “toy guru” Neitlich’s channel will be taken down soon. Someone has posted copyright claims against his channel for using images without their permission. Scott has reached out to the individual with his lawyers and they have yet to respond. Do you think his channel should be taken down or was the claimer in the right here?
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Super7 Rumors

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This is taken from a Reddit post, so here goes….

>Big Changes Coming to Super7...

>So I've broken news before, here and other places. And let me preface this by saying that no, I'm sorry, I can not name my sources, in order to protect people's livelihoods and incomes.

>But I was the guy who initially revealed the info about Super7 being unable to do vintage designs of the TMNT stuff, just to give myself *some* sort of credential.

>Everything I'm about to say is the gospel, my sources have never been wrong before.

>That said, we've got some interesting stuff coming out of the world of Super7. Namely in the sake of action figure decision making. Remember how Brian got an investment of somewhere in the tune of 37 million? Yeah, well, this is what happens when the people who write the checks aren't happy with the output of their investment.

>Brian Flynn is out as final word on product. He no longer has final say. That means design decisions are no longer his to make.

>You're going to start seeing double jointed TMNT. You are going to start seeing better quality, as evidenced by the newest Simpsons releases. There are a LOT of people whose creative juices were fettered under his control that are beyond excited about the prospects coming up.

>None of this is to disparage Brian. He is great guy, personally. However, all of the bad decisions over the years, the output or lack of overall QC, all him. All his choice and absence of any care, sad to say. Or maybe even hubris, that "No one else is making these licenses, you'll buy them and like it".

>This information is very fresh and new, so details beyond that are light, and I won't have any answers to your questions. I've told you everything I know so far. But I will update as I find out more!

Curious what everyone’s thoughts are and what this could mean going forward for the company.
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NECA General: Pretty Woman

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Previous thread: >>10902536

In stores and online:
Assassin's Creed Ezio (Brotherhood & Revelations)
LJN colors Warduke
Ghost Face Inferno (v2)
Professor Burke (London After Midnight)
Gargoyles Goliath & Demona "Vows" 2-pack
Last Ronin Elite Synja Bot
Toon TMNT Evil REX-1
Flash Gordon (Flash Gordon movie)
Ming the Merciless (Flash Gordon movie)
Prince Vultan (Flash Gordon movie)
Ult. John Carver (Thanksgiving)
Ult. Alex Murphy (Robocop)
Count Orlok (Nosferatu)
Six Shooter & Jester (Puppet Master)
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Elkhorn
Earl Sinclair (Dinosaurs)
Baby Sinclair (Dinosaurs)
Ultimate The Nun (Conjuring)
Elvira - Red, Fright, & Boo
Elvira - Scary Xmas
TMNT x Universal Monsters Leo (Creature from the Black Lagoon), & Raphael (Wolf Man)
Toony Terrors wave 9 (Vincent Price, Tar Man, M3GAN, Fiend)
Toony Terrors Elvira (couch)
Toony Terrors Jigsaw deluxe set
Toony Comics Joker
Toony Comics Superman
Toony Pee-Wee & Pterry
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/dcg/ - Diecast General: Old Thread Dead Edition

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Nothing to copy/paste- I don't even see the previous thread in the archive.

Diecast cars are fun. Post pictures of them and talk about them.
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/lg/ Renegade Edition

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Welcome to the Lego General, the worst place on the net for any and all LEGO discussion.
Please note that any new thread that uses promotional imagery or leaks for the OP image is a corposhill spam thread and should be avoided at all costs.

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My Hero Academia Toys

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What’s the best option for MHA toys? Figma only did a select few characters and stopped, looked pretty good and were pricey but not too pricey. McFarlane were cheap, but also looked and posed cheap. And now Amazing Yamaguchi seems to be the main ones producing the figures with the largest roster so far. However, they’re pretty pricey even more so than Figma and I’ve always heard they’re meant to be in extreme poses and look strange in standard poses. So what’s the consensus? I know a lot of people mix all of them together, but AY seems to be the one who’s done the most characters now and is still going. If anyone has any of these figure lines, feel free to post pics to help me decide. I know AY is reissuing their Deku and most are still in stock on BBTS, I’m pretty sure all but Bakugo so I’d be down to start picking those up if they’re worth it.
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Castlevania figure series

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Would you want one? By Diamond/Jada/Neca/whoever, and going through all the series (so giving us Soma, Richter, Alucard, Julius) etc
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/tin/ Toys in Nature/Photography thread

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Post your photos of toys in nature. Dump those snaps!
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