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Pokémon General
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Tunshi Studio

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Anybody know anything? 2 months since they went radio silence

>Where to buy them? (US Only) (EU)

>New/Latest Pre-orders
-Clark (MSXX)
-Ralph (MSXX)
-Leona (MSXX)
-Fio (MS3)
-Eri (MS3)
-Hyakutaro Ichimonji (MS3)
-Terry Bogard (KOF)

-Lv-Armor (MS3)
-Allen O'Neil (MS3)
-Sv-Camel (MS3)
-King (KOF)
-Orochi (KOF)
-Omega Rugal (KOF)
-Yuri Sakazaki (KOF)
-Nakoruru (SS2)
-Genjuro Kibagami (SS2)

Glyos General - Mighty Maniax Dark Earth Mighty Maniax Dark Earth Mighty Maniax Dark Earth Edition

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>Kickstarter for Mighty Maniax: Dark Earth

>insert rage against the machine reference

>What is glyos

>What is available

>Thread Challenge
Build something that is ready to fight against the forces of Dethro

>Previous Thread
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post photos of your toys on your desk, in your hand, professional or casual, use a diorama or dont: your toys your choice. whatever man just keep the thread and the hobby alive.
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Would you buy an action figure of a toy collector?

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I feel like a company needs to provide us a figure of ourselves, a toy collector. It would be a funny thing to add to the display as long as it’s in jest and not making fun of us. It could include little figures or boxes like picrel. Or is there a way to make a custom of a toy collector? Picrel is a meme I saw online, but I don’t think the figure is really accurate to what I think of when I think of a toy collector.

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Drop your favorite Thomas item
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What is your opinion on lighs and electronics on your collectibles?
they may look nice and all, but it may just not be wroth it?
you cant leave it on on the shelve, it will last barely a day turn on, so is just to turn on for what, foto sesion? to play it for a bit when changing and cleaning it?

A thread about toys! Anything edition!!

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Hi again guys, sorry I was gone for a while.

Post some toys!! anything is fine and any suggestions for a topic welcome too.

As Always balance poses are encouraged.
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3D Printed Action Figure: Pikachu Edition

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I'm that Anon that posted last year those orange male and female 3D printed action figures. I redesigned everything to work with resin and improved a lot of stuff. I'm still in the experimenting phase which is why I made this Pikachu figure as a test run to see how well it prints for other people.

It will be released next week but now I want to know if anyone has any suggestions on how I might improve the figure. Expect an image dump.

>printed in Siraya Tech Fast Grey on a 4k printer
>~8cm tall
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Resident Evil Toys

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Been a while since we’ve had a thread, so a few things have come out. I just saw that Present Toys announced they’re doing a 1/6 RE5 Wesker yesterday and teased they’re gonna do a RE5 Chris as well. While the headsculpt could use some work, everything else looks good. The original Hot Toys RE5 Wesker has a better headsculpt but the outfit was pleather and that was so many years ago that I’m sure everyone’s has flaked by now.

Anyone see any other announcements lately? Post your RE toys as well.
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