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Let's get a retro synthwave thread going! Phone papes preferred
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Warm Color Nature Wallpapers

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I'm looking for nature wallpapers I can add to my collection, preferably with orange tones or warm color. Here are some I already have:
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hotwheels and toys

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Urban hell

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Post commieblocks, slums and anything else with SOVL
Belgrade, Serbia
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Storytime Pictures

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Papers any papers that look like there's a great story behind them!
Also, if you see a picture posted that you have in higher res/original, feel free to post it.

Starting with my very favourite.
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Abstract papes

I made this one today. I dont have much else to share but anything that is cool or abstract would be nice to add to my collection.

I'm so starved for papes im literally making my own
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Various historical/art papes

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Always lurked on here and haven't shared any that I've found elsewhere.Most of these from the Wikimedia Commons and have been cropped to 1920x1080, but the filename is unchanged so you can find the original if you'd rather have it in different proportions.
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Post animated papes. GIF preferred.
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Purple Papes

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More purple papes like these
Galaxy theme or nature for bonus.
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Gruvbox thread?

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Gruvbox has been the best theme/color scheme I've found in a while. Only issue I've had is there aren't many wallpapers tailored for it, so I edited some of my own! I'll share below

If anyone else has any they like/use feel free to share!
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